Another Life

Just like any other band, Omaha’s Emphatic have worked their way up from the bottom and have since signed a major label deal, with their brand new album Another Life being a major part of it. While not my personal cup of tea, I would be a complete fool to admit that these guys don’t have the hard rock muscle to make it so big that my review won’t even matter. And by big, I mean ten million screaming fans, women practically stripping themselves to the bone and tossing those clothes onto the stage, Grammy nominations and worldwide notoriety. Yes, that’s right. You’re looking at the new Nickelback, the new Hinder, the new Daughty, even the new Three Doors Down. Yes, these guys have it as the thundering chorus of “Life After Anger” proves. This is a track that I could see on the radio in full circulation in just a matter of months. Speaking of singles, the band’s Nickelback influenced “Remember Me” is already making waves in the US, and I’m sure that as soon as they release the single for what’s sure to be a slobber knocker of a hit, “Louder Than Love,” people will be flocking down to the local retail chain in order to purchase a copy of the album. Whether you love or hate these guys, it’s definitely certain that they’re hard rock’s next big thing and they’ve worked their asses off to get to this point. They deserve all the success that they’re about to get, and it’s only a matter of time. If you can’t get enough of pop-laden hard rock with catchy hooks and memorable choruses, then you might want to get your hands on this album too. It’s a real knockout! (Eric May)

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