Ascending along a journey of mountainous riffs and surprisingly nuanced songwriting, Endseeker’s latest is a towering success. Look, the world doesn’t need another in a long line of Dismember/Entombed descendants; the drip of death metal disciples has slowed a bit in recent years, but my God, did we get way too many bands trying to remind us why Left Hand Path and Like an Ever Flowing Stream were classics.

Thankfully, Germany’s Endseeker stand apart from the host of Swe-death rip-offs because they understood the spirit of what makes the enduring style so successful. The band aren’t out to transcend the classics, like Horrendous and Gatecreeper, but like a top chef, they know how to mix just the right ingredients to make super tasty goodies.

Much like labelmates LIK, there’s the sense that Endseeker aren’t happy just plugging into an HM-2 pedal and recording 30 minutes of riffs. On this, their third record, Endseeker up the songwriting chops and increase the emphasis on melodic leads—these are some seriously catchy death metal jams, heightened by the careful attention to craft. Songs like “Unholy Rites” and “Merciless Tide” showcase the band’s progression. I genuinely can’t get either out of my head, and I’ve tried.

The other subtle but important change is the band’s lyrical shift to incorporate political and societal concerns into the movie references and horror allusions. Rage Against The Machine this ain’t, but it’s a smart shift to help ground the record. The title track references the blood money that is the push to the top of Mount Everest, how climbing companies are profiting off the classic aim to ascend to the gods. Overall, the record carries a bit more depth than their past records, helping round out a series of subtle yet significant shifts that result in the band’s best work to date.

For those who aren’t looking for something that reinvents the wheel but doesn’t sacrifice quality, look no further than Endseeker. I don’t want to undersell what these guys do – this isn’t solely a retread of classic Swe-death, but my God, it’s just a fantastic and fun record.

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