The thrash metal scene is alive, and very well, in Richmond, Virginia. No, really, and that fact could be in part due to the hardcore and thrash metal crossover outfit, Enforced. The five-piece is known for its unique combination of unrelenting vocals and erratic breakdowns; all of which combine to make their discography full of in your face tracks sure to pack a punch at every second. And lucky for us, the group is dropping their forthcoming release, At The Walls, on July 19 via WAR Records. From the opening track, which is fittingly titled “Reckoning Force,” to its ending song, “Civilized Mind,” the band’s latest release is nine songs of unmerciful metal that only expands upon what we first heard from them back in 2017 with their EP Retaliation.

At The Walls in and of itself is a solid and well-produced record, making it perfect for anyone who is looking for something fresh and different in the mass amount of metal circulating the scene in 2019. And don’t worry about this album getting old, it doesn’t lose its heavy and high energy feel no matter how many times you play through the record in its entirety.

Whether it’s because each song flows seamlessly into the next one or the fact that they found a way to keep the blaring riffs and gritty vocals consistent throughout, from front to back this album is an easy playthrough for those who are fans of the sound. Overall, At The Walls shows the growth of Enforced while still maintaining their signature sound; thus making it the perfect addition to the band’s music catalogue.

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