The Infinite Nothing
(Artery Recordings)

Entheos is one of the “it” metal bands right now, and with their pedigree, it’s easy to see why. With legendary drummer Navene Koperweis (ex-Animosity), bassist Evan Brewer (ex-The Faceless), Chaney Crabb (who became famous for her excellent Veil of Maya audition), as well as some talented guitarists (one of whom left during the recording). What does all this mean, and why does talent matter when so many talented bands still release craptastic albums? For Entheos and their debut full-length, The Infinite Nothing, showcases a band who absolutely realizes every damn ounce of potential displayed. While last year’s debut Primal EP hinted at future greatness, this debut album is much better in every way. The band’s sound can easily be traced to Animosity, and the heavier sections of Veil of Maya are an easy sonic touchstone; however, Entheos’ best quality is an inability to really nail down a neat box for the band’s sound. It’s certainly death metal; it’s certainly progressive, and there are hints of modern metalcore/djent here and there. Yet, that’s not really what Entheos is. This band is simply put, one of the best versions of modern riff-y progressive death metal we have now.

That sounds like high praise, especially when initial listens may prove slightly underwhelming. The Infinite Nothing  has a metric boatload going on in each song, so it’s easy to get lost in the madness and tune out things. Initial listens will reveal some delicious riffs, sure, but the rhythmic dexterity and bounce may be lost early on. Once given the proper time, these songs will reveal themselves more fully, and the madness begins to become much more understandable. Songs like “Bad Chemicals” and the title track encapsulate what Entheos do so well: dazzling, tighter than last Summer’s shorts musicianship coupled with top-tier riffing. Despite the band’s clear desire to maintain a progressive mindset, Entheos never forgets how to bring a crushing riff along for the ride, and this elevates the already impressive proceedings. The band’s ace is Chaney Crabb, whose impressive clarity and range are the perfect compliment to the music.

Entheos’ debut is a massive success, showcasing a fairly unique take on modern progressive death metal. With such a fantastic record on their hands, the future is very bright for this band, a rare super group that more than deserve the moniker. (Nicholas Senior)

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