My Epic
(Facedown Records)

Viscera is a great example of a good band evolving into a great one. My Epic have always trafficked in a type of ethereal yet marginally aggressive form of post-rock-meets-grunge-meets-metal. Much like their fellow Facedown artists in Hands and Everything In Slow Motion, My Epic’s music has always had a certain carefully crafted momentum in its music, and they ratchet that up quite a few notches with this excellent long-ish EP. Viscera sees the band merging their pasts quite well, with Yet‘s post-Thrice-style grunge building upon the graceful beauty of Behold.

Befitting an album titled after internal organs, Viscera is very much about deeply held beliefs and struggles, and the band tackles them quite admirably throughout the four actual songs. They aren’t trying to hide their Christian faith, but a song like “Open Letter” is a gut-wrenchingly honest letter from a person struggling with believing in a supposedly loving God, begging to be spoken to. It’s really difficult to single out a best track, as each of the four tracks highlight different aspects of the band’s sound, while forming an impressively cohesive unit.

The band has stated they plan to keep pumping out an EP every year instead of trying to push out a full album every few years, and on the strength of one of the most honest, heartfelt, and gorgeous albums you’re likely to hear this year, there shouldn’t be too many complaints. My Epic have taken all the past elements of their sound and crafted the best release of their young career. Just like at the end of “Open Letter”, though there may be hardships, the future is certainly bright for this excellent band. Between this and Gates, the burgeoning post-alt-rock style is in great hands. (Nicholas Senior)

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