Eskimo Callboy
We Are The Mess

My first exposure to the German based electro-core act Eskimo Callboy was when someone posted this funny lyric video for a song called “Is Anyone Up.” Immediately I was horrified by the lyrics alone. “What the hell am I listening to?” Was my first initial thought. But then I listened again, and again, and eventually was singing along to the tunes of album Bury Me In Vegas. Now I realize the brilliance behind the brand that is Eskimo Callboy. I mean, it was bound to happen at some point. For a band to so not seriously seriously put out music that combines two very extreme styles of music.

Now, into their second full length release We Are The Mess just keeps the party goingThe tripped out dance party womps of EDM meets the blast beat distortions of metal. The brand that is Eskimo Callboy is absolutely perfect in our present day music scene, suiting the needs of scene kids who like to mosh along with the ones who just want to get up and dance. We Are The Mess takes on a heavier tone compared to their previous release, but opening with “CSTRP” reminds fans that they are here to fuck shit up and party down. The incorporated dubstep in “Party At The Horror House” is executed in a well blended manor where anyone who listens could easily just break out in dance. Speeding things up in “Blood Red Lips” this song makes a mess of the mind with the heavy riffs shadowed by a spinning electro beat.

Dance-core at it’s finest, this album is packed with songs perfect for the younger generation of music listeners. “Jagger Swagger” I can tell will be the crowd pleaser that fans could enjoy, easily singing along to in a powerful anthemic voice. I know the most hardened metalhead or the most core of the hardcore guy will probably disregard this band immediately, but if you have any sort of open mind to what artists are capable of creating, especially in our technologically driven era, then this album is pretty damn good for what it is. There’s even a loving and tender acoustic version of “Never Let You Know” that kind of makes you feel like looking out your window on a rainy day, pulling on the heart strings.

Eskimo Callboy aren’t trying to make it unique or reinvent the music wheel. Yes, they sound just like every other scene band out there. But there use of EDM in their tunes I think might work to their advantage in the long run. I look forward to see what they’ve got cooking up in the future. (Stacey Heath)

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