Talent means something; that seems obvious, right? To get anywhere in life, you need to showcase a certain level of acumen in your given field, with the confidence to execute to your potential. Eternity’s End are not lacking in that area.

Comprised basically of the main members of Obscura and Alkaloid with the former vocalist of Hibria, the band feel like a collective that should flourish in the space. In fact, they have, as Embers of War is actually the group’s third record, though it is the first since being signed to Prosthetic Records. Can a band made up of tech death all-stars excel at power metal?

In a word, yes. In multiple words, hell yes. Embers of War is what happens when power metal takes everything to 11. It feels like the members of Eternity’s End looked at every aspect of their upcoming record and said, “whatever it is, make it more!” Riffs are truly electric; leads and solos are so gleefully ridiculous I laughed aloud at times. Seriously, the end of kick-off track “Dreadnought (The Voyage of the Damned) is the musical version of Spaceballs’ ludicrous speed somehow performed with symphonic flair.

Vocals may take some time to appreciate for those who aren’t well versed in power metal, but once you settle in, their mastery of ’80s pastiche and post-Judas Priest verve is impressive. Plus, the lyrics employ that perfect mix of sci-fi and fantasy that conjures up images of heroes flying to save the day on their robotic horse, wielding a futuristic sword that shoots lasers (natch).

I don’t want to paint the picture that Eternity’s End are a simple or classic power metal act, either. It’s clear from the onset that the band’s tech and progressive chops are put to great use, making for a record that’s closer to tech thrash than melodic power metal. Those in the mood for the seasonal flair will appreciate “Call of the Valkyries,” which has a section that sounds straight out of a Trans-Siberian Orchestra set. Ultimately, if you go to power metal for the joy of musical excess, you won’t find an album that puts that on full display than Embers of War. Eternity’s End is gloriously opulent and loads of fun. A real treat.Preorder the album at this location

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