Excised And Anatomised
(Century Media/Nuclear Blast)

Evocation blew my mind with their last effort, 2012’s Illusions of Grandeur, a disc that I played relentlessly for quite a while. But as a slight holdover for the next sure to be awesome effort the band has decided to release a small EP of covers to appease fans. It’s nothing new, but certainly seems to be an interesting effort in of itself with covers of Bolt Thrower’s “…For Victory”, Carcass’s “Corporal Jigsore Quandary”, “Napalm Death’s “You Suffer”, Edge Of Sanity’s “Enigma” and At The Gates’ “Terminal Spirit Disease.” It’s definitely a “who’s who” list of death metal icons and all are given their dues on this short, but menacing EP release. The Bolt Thrower cover is done to perfection, just as well as anything that the band’s done as an original track and even though the Carcass cover is a bit rough in some areas, they still manage to pull it off in the end. I didn’t feel the need for them to include the ridiculously short Napalm Death cover, as is entirely forgettable (I didn’t even notice it on the disc) but the Edge Of Sanity cover is earth-shattering and does the long-buried act justice. Dan Swano would be proud. Finally, the At The Gates cover is solid enough; putting more vocal bite into an act that I could never really get into. Again, the release is short; but it’s certainly a solid EP of covers that are done justice. Don’t miss it. (Eric May)

Purchase Excised And Anatomised here:  Century Media | Nuclear Blast


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