Jersey alt band Exmaid are releasing their sophomore record, Sorcery, this month via Bangs and Burns, and it just might be their dreamiest feature to date. A cohesive album that takes from both British folk and grunge, this record places us at the crossroads of those genres, bending them to the band’s will to create a solid piece of work.

Miranda Taylor’s outstanding songwriting is the catalyst for the driving grunge sounds on this record, which is equally heavy and tender, with songs about dreams and past loves.

The sonic landscape of Sorcery is quite engaging. The reverb shakes the listener to the bone and is reminiscent of the height of the Sub Pop days. It’s very easy to imagine this record being slotted in a playlist alongside bands like Hole or 4 Non Blondes.

The track “Dead” is simply loud fun. With steady melodies and muffled vocals, its punk familiarity lends itself to radio playability. The following track, “Moldy,” is a tribute to power pop. This track is hype and has total moshability.

Altogether, this record proves that Exmaid are maturing and pushing themselves to cement their space in the punk world.

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