What do you get when you have a guitarist for a critically acclaimed experimental death/grind band wanting to get his “noise rock” on? Well, you get Eye Flys.

You see, Eye Flys was formed by Full Of Hell guitarist Spencer Hazard and ex-Backslider drummer Patrick Forrest, with the addition of Backslider Jake Smith on guitar and vocals and Kevin Bernsten of Triac on drums, to explore the type of heaviness Hazard, doesn’t get to explore in his main gig. Though, it’s kind of surprising Full Of Hell hasn’t added noise rock to their repertoire, since their music incorporates a wide range of sounds in the extreme music spectrum. They do free form noise pieces, I guess they haven’t gotten around to adding the “rock” to them.

Context is six songs of angry, seething, muscular and corrosive noise rock, that touches on the greats such as Unsane, Cherubs and the Melvins, while forging their own sound. It’s a bruiser of an EP, one that is brief, nasty and short. It gets in, messes you up, and gets out before you knew what hit you. It’s the perfect introduction to their caustic worldview. (In fact, I saw the band open for Daughters back in April, months before this album was released, and let me tell you, they are the real deal when it comes to noise rock.)

Context is an excellent addition to the modern noise rock canon. Here’s hoping we hear more from this band, both on wax and on stage, sooner than later.

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