Eye Of Solitude
Canto III

If by chance all that self-righteous, “I don’t need religion, because there is no god!” shit doesn’t pan out for you and you awaken in a molten labyrinth of torment and suffering, then you had better at least hope that the soundtrack to your suffering sounds as good as it does here. Based on Dante’s literary classic Inferno, this certainly seems like the most depressive and beautiful jaunt through hell that I’ve ever witnessed. It’s certainly much better than Sepultura’s take on it, and it’s a bit more depressing (though not as thrashy) than Iced Earth’s version. The album is certainly death/doom at its core, complete with morose atmospheres and fearsome vocals. But unlike some albums, these guys actually know when to kick up the drums, which keeps the music from being too slow and causing it to turn stale. An explosion of death metal fury escapes from the brooding atmospheres of “Between Two Worlds” as it readily assures you that yes, you can bang your head now.

When The Descent Begin” features the same sullen doom that you’d expect from Swallow The Sun, but there’s a slight acoustic piece that strengthens the atmospheric pressure as it then lets loose with a threatening gust. When it comes to the art of mixing doom and death, Eye Of Solitude have certainly honed their craft on this release. Just from these last two tracks alone, I can say without conflict that they’re a noteworthy act with only the best of effort to offer in this genre. “He Who Willingly Suffers” brings in distressed piano, as melancholic melodies back more thunderous sections of the piece. Replete with poetry, the disc has a feel of classic My Dying Bride, which some will soon discover and begin to cling to almost immediately. “The Pathway Had Been Lost” continues the descent, but opens from some incredibly beautiful solo licks which help to illustrate the suffering. Remember, if you happen to find yourself in damnation, hope that these melodies will be there to comfort your pain.

Only the best of the doom/death genre is exhibited on this release, with “Sat In Silence” and its captivating, yet tormented nature; as well as the finale in “In The Desert Vast,” which does seem to also echo forth a great effort from these gentlemen who have been trying so hard to get recognized in a scene so overpopulated with strong talent. I do feel that quite so many light pieces of atmosphere and keyboard are not so much needed, but I will say that they figure well into the depression. Eye Of Solitude is a band that you don’t want to listen to if you’re in a chipper mood, because this torrential downpour of human suffering will bring you down into the brink of desolation. But if you feel that all hope is lost and wouldn’t be caught dead listening to anything in the dreaded “emo” category, then the immense suffering captured by these gentlemen will definitely speak to you in ways that the loss of a girlfriend would surely not. For the realms discussed on this album are far beyond the teenage wasteland of broken hearts and drug experimentation… this is the sound of hell itself. And it sounds just as you might expect, like the howling of the tormented dead. (Eric May)

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