Eyes Set To Kill
(Century Media)

I started listening to Eyes Set To Kill back when they released their first debut full length album Reach. They had a unique sound with a clean sounding female vocalist and screamer. The balance of the two made their debut very pleasing to my ears. Now, if we fast forward through quite a few line-up changes such as four unclean vocalists, four guitarists, and three drummers you will get them as they are today.

The band’s single “Infected” is the polar opposite of the band’s old post-hardcore feel. I was entertained by the idea that Cisko Miranda was staying on as an unclean vocalist seeing as how the band hasn’t really been consistent. After listening to the band’s first single I was traumatized. First of all, I’m not quite sure what Cisko is doing throughout this song. It is not apparent that he is going to be staying with them since he doesn’t even make an entrance in the single. At first I wasn’t sure if I was listening to the right band. The song focuses mainly on the voice of the lead singer Alexia. The song doesn’t have many impressive musical elements to it either. With one listen you can tell that the song was written for mainstream radio.

The intro to the album is a great way to lure the listener in. This song sets the tone and utilized the voices of both singers, then leads seamlessly into the second track. “Killing in your name” is a fast paces hard rock song and nothing more. Again, this song puts the post hardcore elements that fans fell in love with on the back burner. Cisko was included in this song for a few unnecessary seconds. Finally, in the third track, “Lost and Forgotten,” Cisko’s great vocal work is put to use. “True Colors” is the heaviest song on the album which gave Cisko complete vocal reign. Alexia’s voice is showcased as the main element for the majority of the album. In the past, the vocals were split in half between clean and unclean; I believe this was a critical element to their fame. Musically, the album is slightly better than bands in the same category, with the band using more than the predictable chugg and solo patterns.

Overall, the album is quite dull. The band seems to have made the transformation into a mainstream rock outfit that falls perfectly into the stale genre known as “Hard Rock.” If you’re a fan of Halestorm and In This Moment then you’ll love this album. I see this album blowing the minds of XM Satellite Octane listeners but not many others. (Justin Petrucci)

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