This Island, Our Funeral

Scotland’s Falloch is as close to an “album band” as anything you’ll hear these days. Beginning with 2011’s Where Distant Spirits Remain, the then-duo was most certainly lacing up their boots for the journey ahead, treading in the footsteps of Agalloch, Opeth and certain of Alcest’s output, while interweaving that underlying sense of the tragic that settles, mist-like over their native home in fall/winter. This Island, Our Funeral does more than pick up where WDSR left off, though, and while the debut was clearly the sum of its influences, Falloch have (in losing one member to gain three more) moved, if anything, deeper into the soil, the soul of their homeland. Sea-beaten stone is the shore of the Highlands, Eilean Donan stands northern guard, while the River Esk winds through the borderlands. Falloch has come under fire for their songs not “going anywhere,” something I could never understand. Having walked these shores, these lands in the rain of November, I am imbued with thoughts of fierce love and farewell, for that is what This Island, Our Funeral is, at heart. A walking tour of a land wild, a land untamed, a land royal and gallant – but a land that has known far more loss than its share. Falloch has come to mourn…we bow our heads. (Lord Randall)

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