The Feeling
Boy Cried Wolf

Boy Cried Wolf is the fourth studio album by the British rock group The Feeling, released a few years after they put out a singles collection album. The good thing is that the band sound every bit as wonderful as they did on their previous albums; matter of fact, it sounds like the time off has helped rejuvenate them.

This album is sincere, fearlessly melodious, and that barely puts a well-shod foot wrong. “Blue Murder” hits an arms aloft chorus right from the start and they keep on going from there. “Fall Like Rain” is a genuinely pretty little piano ballad that moves you and fills your heart with longing. “Anchor” offers an incredibly passionate vocal delivery from singer Dan Gillespie-Sells that makes it a standout track. Another highlight is the cheerful sing-along-worthy “Rescue,” which is the most reminiscent of the best of the band’s early singles. “You’ll See” has Gillespie-Sells sounding affecting and poignant and the song builds up to a big crescendo. “The Gloves Are Off” is perhaps the most upbeat song from this collection, with a repetitive chorus to help it stick in listener’s heads long after the album is over.

There’s no denying that this is a soaring album, chock full of choruses to take you up and away from your troubles and fill you with the emotion that they have drenched this album in. If you weren’t already a fan, hopefully this album will change your mind, but for the supporters out there it’s another eleven tracks of confident, likeable pop to add to your collection. (Rick Ecker)

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