Fight Amp
Constantly Off
(Brutal Panda Records)

There’s a band who comes of age quickly, and there’s the band that breaks out seemingly from nowhere. Well, Philly is not exactly nowhere, but you get the idea. Fight Amp last release, Birth Control, was a middle-of-the-road exercise riffery that skirted the line between noise rock and sludge. There were a couple good songs on that album but little to nothing of great note. That’s why it was to my great surprise how greatly Constantly Off just knocked me on my ass. The Philly-based band has come out swinging on its most recent album, likely to surprise more than just my set of ears. Constantly Off might be the opposite way I’d describe the album, as every song on this short (but very sweet) six-track record is a winner.

Not only is this record drained of any excess, the individual tracks are tightly trimmed, left with little to no fat. The album begins with a roar with “Ex Everything” is a barn burning middle finger to the past. Once that riff hits, you’re sold. It’s like a locomotive heading straight for your cranium. The droning, passionate vocals evoke Torche’s eerily melodic touch. The music hits on all types of styles, Ken Mode’s punkish noise rock, the aforementioned Torche’s grungy sludge, Queens of the Stone Age’s desert rock, and East Coast punk. Hell, it takes all of the things you like about great riff-based rock and punk of the last couple decades, distills them in whiskey barrels, and pumps out the goods. It’s not complex; it’s simple, fun as Hell malarkey that everyone should get behind. (Nicholas Senior)

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