Vermin Prolificus
(To Live A Lie)

Vermin Prolificus deals with the uglier side of life. This soundtrack to drugs, isolation, depression, self-harm, police and religion carries the burden of a cynical reality. This is nothing new to Fistula; Hell, nothing new for fans of sludge metal or punk. Fistula has been crushing ear drums for over fifteen years. Their catalog boasts over twenty-five releases. Guts and sweat push Fistula and nothing new is exactly what Fistula fans want.

Akron, OH first birthed this monstrosity. In the cold winter of 2014, they unleash an intrepid behemoth of down tuned misery and riffs. While they are certainly are not afraid to kick the drums and rhythms in to high speed, their comfort zone and power lie within that twisting riff of low bass raw fuzzy dirge. The use of samples is entertaining and underlines the prevalence of this mindset in our subcultures.

Fistula spit in disdain at authorities in “Pig Funeral”. They lyrics and samples will embrace nothing surprising; but vicious and gratifying. A scathing rant against the system, the slow pounding of strings and drums drag the listener down. But short spurts like “Sobriety” (at one minute) and even mid tempo rocker, “Upside Down”, (at three minutes) give the listener a great variety in tempos. The middle third of this track slams with an authoritative pace. The drums pound in a sparse breakdown with spat lyrics, “I want to kill you! What do I have to do?”. Scary and invigorating.

Each song embodies Fistula. No new territory here. Thank Christ. Belligerent, jaded lyrics are growled over dark and heavy rhythmic sludge metal that infuses crust and hardcore elements. Raw production of this heavy, heavy music allocates listeners’ attention spans to each instrument getting down to business. The music reflects the anger and disgust we (most likely) all feel towards bosses and general public and politicians and religion and cops- Whoever happens to be in our way that the time. And while some is aggressive, some is reclusive escapism. Either way, the enmity ad self-destruction is carried out through awesome music.

A special edition cassette EP has Fistula adding some extra goodies to radical Vermin Prolificus. Three extra studio tracks are supplemented by four covers. Fang, GG/Antiseen, Overkill (LA) and Cro-Mags get the honors here. The Cro-Mags’ lyrics of “A Lif of My Own” have long been a favorite of mine and, in a twisted Karmic tale, fits Fistula perfectly. (released by The Omega Order)

RIYL: Iron Monkey, Sourvein, Goatwhore, Eyehategod, 16, Antiseen, Bongripper, Despise You (Hutch)

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