Extreme Swedish trio Fornhem, might not be your typical black metal household name just yet, but they’re on their way. Their second record, and newest album, Stämman från Berget, (“The Voice from the Mountain”) will be released November 5 via Trollmusic. At only five songs, the title track clocks in at a mere 6:34 seconds. Epic is an understatement.

To give you a brief background of Fornhem, the band were founded in 2013 by vocalist and drummer Vafthrudner and guitarist Solbane, both sharing a background in classical music as well as a passion for black metal. Solbane is a librarian, and Vafthrudner studies religious history in Uppsala. His interest in philosophy and art have shaped the aesthetics of Fornhem on Stämman från Berget in lyrics that take inspiration from Sweden’s radical lyricist Gunnar Ekelöf.

Fornhem embrace Nordic black metal, which includes repetitive phrasing; pounding, ritualistic percussion; and fierce vocals.  Be warned, if this isn’t your chalice of Elk blood, you won’t connect with them. Nordic black metal by nature is harsh, brutal, and unrelenting. Track two, the eight-minute, 50-second-long, “Uparba Spa,” exemplifies this. Feel the cold inside a heart of darkness.

Track one, “Den Langsta Dagen,” has an otherworldly feel to it as if something has been summoned and is waiting to appear inside some infernal circle. The song’s atmosphere is built upon by spoken word interludes juxtaposed by Fornhem’s music, which begins with—wait for it—a type of ’70s rock vibe, shifting into something reminiscent of Venom in the early-to-mid-’80s and then catapulting into an all-out black metal assault. The different shifting musical styles make this a standout song on this record.

Stämman från Berget is rock-solid black metal. I didn’t mind the repetition of beats and phrasing, I thought it added an ominous tone of occult ritual to the overall vibe Stämman från Berget. This record is raw and primal, what Nordic black metal should be. Fornhem have figured out their niche in this genre, and they’re going to be big. If you’re a black metal fan, you need this record. It’s a pagan feast of complete metal mayhem.

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