Friend Or Foe
Foe EP
(Flatspot Records)

On their third EP, after being on hardcore labels Triple B (2014) and Reaper (2012), Friend Or Foe release their new EP, Foe, on Flatspot Records. The five tracks here boast FOF’s militant adhering to the history of NYHC. Comprised of dudes who spent time in Bracewar, Fire & Ice, Iron Boots and others, FOF’s skill and dedication are unquestionable. Toiling through gritty, rambunctious hardcore, FOF draw inspiration from the best of NYHC. Here we go with another killer release from these dudes. No wonder top labels keep putting out this band.

“Foe – Paid the Price” opens the EP. The track cultivates sample quotes from Rollins, Lou Koller (?), Raybeez and Freddy Madball over feedback. These quotes on staying true to your spirit sets the tone for the record. The riff that follows and the racing drums are a nice nod to Breakdown even with its Jeff Perlin style vocal attack. The song ends on a great Sheer Terror/Alan Blake gallop. Songs are one to two minutes, totaling ten minutes flat. The furious attack of “Never Loosen Your Grip” is strengthened by the quote of empowerment, “Your purpose in life you must renew”.

The next three songs run through the NYHC love. Gripping and charged, the music is extremely energetic. “True” has Jimmy Williams of Maximum Penalty come in for some vocals. Foe was recorded in spring 2016 at Studio F12 by Sam Deyerle and mastered by Mike Reaves. The final track is my favorite. “Earn It” builds well, welling up with tension. Then, it breaks asit races forwards. Great chorus where the guitar drops and just drums for a measure trade off. It’s intense. Then we roll into the breakdown with a gigantic NYHC roiling bass line. Catch them on the East Coast of the US in September as they open for SOIA. Pits will be insane.

RIYL: Breakdown, Raw Deal, Killing Time, Sick Of It All, Agnostic Front, Madball, Life’s Blood, Krakdown

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