Full Bush plays a sultry brand of post-punk that would work well at both a fancy theatre and a sweaty dank punk club. They subtly combine soul with indie rock with alternative rock and roll with grunge with punk with miscellaneous, creating a unique sound.

The members of Full Bush excel at their chosen instruments. They all rip and work really well together. Their use of dynamics is their strength. The songs lie mostly on the softer side, which makes the heavy parts demand the listener’s attention. They can go mellow to harsh at a moment’s notice, giving an aura of unpredictability. They lay down a groove and build from there. The vocals are haunting, regardless of whether being sung, spoken or screamed.

What Movie Night lacks is hooks. Full Bush writes songs that have a beautifully angry sound and are interesting to listen to, but there are no parts that truly stand out. The catchiest song is album closer “One Second,” but it’s a little long and drawn out. This isn’t to say that the songs aren’t good, as they are. There is always some part during the songs that garners attention. The music is solid and wonderfully played. The songs just don’t resonate with me or have a long-lasting impact upon completion. This album does require numerous listens to let each song grow on the listener. I may need a few more listens.

Full Bush is a band that plays an uncommon style of music. They take chances and succeed, for the most part. They are a band that deserves listens, as there is something included for all listeners. Take a chance and let your ears determine the enjoyment level. This is a group that is going to get a good amount of hype in the coming years.

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