Quiet World
(Equal Vision Records)

New Jersey melodic hardcore upstarts Gatherers offer up a somewhat novel take on modern melodic hardcore with their Equal Vision debut. Quiet World is rarely quiet, but it showcases the sound that this Jersey group would like to unleash on the world. Finding a neat mid-point between the usual modern hardcore styles of bands like My Iron Lung, Manners, and early Pianos Become the Teeth with a more atmospheric, progressive, and melodic take on the sound, a la Being As An Ocean. Quiet World, in large part because of this sonic bridging-the-gap style, is a pleasantly varied listen. It’s always cathartic, utilizing vocalist Rich Weinberger’s impressive range to great use. His clean vocals are fragile, recalling Jesse Lacey’s iconic voice. His scream is equally pained but in a way that’s more emotive than annoying.

It’s a cheap complaint, but it’s one that really serves as the only major complaint to what is otherwise a solid debut for Gatherers. Quiet World isn’t a very cohesive listen, which lessens the impact of some of the better songs. In fact, a few of the songs definitely feel more like first drafts than final products, an unfortunate syndrome affecting many debuts. That said, songs like “Songs for a Dead Banner” and “Crows” are seriously excellent, showcasing the sheer talent Gatherers has. Frankly, if you cut this album in half, you’d be left with one of the best EPs of the year, but as a whole, Quiet World is a solid albeit flawed debut. With some smoothing out and natural progression, it’s very likely we’ll have another great band on our hands. (Nicholas Senior)

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  1. It’s not actually their debut, they had a few releases under their old name of Gatherer.

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