Geoff Palmer and his Connection bandmate Brad Marino are doing more to keep Power Pop relevant in 2021 than just about any band not named Cheap Trick. Along with their shared group, both have been fairly prolific with solo efforts and Palmer’s latest may just be the genre’s based so far this year.

Charts & Graphs is a whiplash 10 songs, each hovering around the two-and-a-half mark leaving the listener both spent and exhilarated. It’s fast, hooky as fuck and undeniably entertaining.There are elements of garage rock throughout (explaining the love Palmer and his bandmates get from Little Steven Van Zandt), as well as a solid lacquer of Pop Punk, but classic, hook-heavy singalong Power Pop form the basis for all of these songs.

From the opening track, the self-explanatory “Many More Drugs,” through the closing number, a brilliant cover of Tom Petty’s “The Apartment Song,” Palmer establishes a solid template of humor, addictive choruses and tight musicianship.Akin to deciding which kid you want to brag about, every song here earns its place on the record, but the title track, “Count Me In” and “A Hard Day’s Life” are bound to stick in Palmer’s live show set for the next decade.

A follow up his 2019 solo album Pulling Out All The Stops, a pretty solid record on its own, Charts & Graphs is easily his finest offering yet song for song.  

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