San Francisco’s Get Dead may have started writing their latest two years ago—long before 2020’s monstrously significant global marches to protest the treatment of minorities by police—but the record is no less relevant. A song like “Pepperspray,” with its acoustic intro that quickly escalates, seems tailor made for current times.

And yes, Dancing With The Curse is a long time coming, following their last effort that came out in 2016—which seems like several lifetimes ago considering current affairs. The album is filled to the brim with piss and vinegar, thanks in large part to singer Sam King, whose distinctively raspy delivery adds an edge to every vocal. Add to that a thunderous rhythm section and two guitars that sound like 20, and there is no matching the ferocity of this band firing on all cylinders.

Get Dead’s influences have been hard to pin down over the years, vacillating from album to album, wrapping one in hardcore and the next in acoustic guitars. Dancing With The Curse seems like a great marriage of the two, with a little experimental electronics tossed in on several tracks to further add to the mutt-like make-up of their musical pedigree. The band bounce from a bombastic track like “Confidence Game” (quite possible the best song the band has recorded yet) to a ska-soaked number like “Take It.”  

Four years since their last release, and it seems like Dancing With The Curse is arriving at just the right time.  

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