Get Scared
(Fearless Records)

“Cut you open and make you sick/suffer, suffer, suffer like I did” are probably not the lyrics you’d expect to grace a chorus as catchy as the one on Get Scared’s single “Suffer,” however, their third full-length release, Demons, is simply brewing with lines just as angry, disturbing and macabre. But don’t look at that as a bad thing. With a stunning vocal range, top-notch song structures, and just a brooding overall vibe, Demons is not only the best record Get Scared has released to date, but also the most sophisticated and polished.

Get Scared has always been one of those bands that deserved way more credit than they were given. With a throwback vibe to the early days of My Chemical Romance and The Used, Get Scared also derives a great deal of influence from heavier genres to help round out their sound overall. Tracks like “Relax, Relapse” display a very contained sense of anger playing on the emotion reflected through the lyrics as well as musically. Catchy choruses, forceful verses and mini breakdowns run rampant throughout this record.

The levels of intensity reflected in Demons dance on a fine line between post-hardcore and marketable pop. “Buried Alive” will be stuck in your head all day as Nick Matthews’ voice carries the song with a steady balance of pop-punk melodic vocals and guttural screams. You’re guaranteed to be surprised by how deep some of his uncleans can go in contrast to how light and soothing some of his more tame choruses come across.

When it comes to Demons, “What If I’m Right” and the title track are what really make this record shine. While the more isolated vocals of “What If I’m Right” make lines like “the pills offset each other/so I’m not making sense” resonate much more than the most of the musically backed lyrics, the combined drum and vocal build-up into the bridge of “Demons” marks one of the most standout moments on the entire album. In both cases, Get Scared easily prove that sometimes less really is more.

Like all records, Demons does have moments that are far weaker than others. “Take A Bow” and “Second Guessing” are tracks that don’t fully stick in the listener’s mind once the album has played through and feel more like filler songs, especially in comparison to the record’s anchor track “R.I.P.” Opening the song with gritty, hardcore punk vocals, Matthews’ more melodic notes weave throughout the uncleans in a strange, almost R&B-like style before leading up to the dark lines “I can’t buy into just a prophet dressed like a poet/and if you talk to God I’m sure that he’ll tell you he knows” which help bring the record to a rather theatrical close.

Get Scared has always been phenomenal with bringing an Edgar Allan Poe vibe into a musical structure without ever feeling campy, and Demons is no exception. With a high level of lyrical sophistication and a great insight to a chaotic, yet graspable instrumental layout, Get Scared found a way to translate raw emotion into a very engaging, entertaining, and eerie record. (Natasha Van Duser)

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