If You Have Ghost EP
(Loma Vista Recordings)

These days, Ghost is a band that can seem to do no wrong. Fresh off of their string of successful tours, including an appearance at 2013 Coachella Festival, not to mention the critically acclaimed sophomore album Infestissumam, Ghost is already carving quite the name for themselves around the world. Infectious pop hooks, beautifully written compositions, and those crystalline vocals from Papa Emertius II make for an appetite for the aural senses. Not to mention the Satanic message of the downfall of humanity they spread to the world in a friendly way, as evidenced by their interviews.

So how do they follow that all up? By releasing a covers EP of course! The Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters, Them Crooked Vultures) produced If You Have Ghost EP is an eccentric collection of four seemingly random songs that you wouldn’t expect to be covered by a band like Ghost. The title takes from the cover from Roky Erickson, and it’s a damned good cover. Simplistic and haunting, the vocals act as a guidelight over the somberness of the music, giving it an upbeat feel to the whole track. The layered vocals during the chorus sends chills up my spine, it’s recommended that Papa Emertius II should do more of that in the studio.

Taking a clandestine approach to their inspirations, Ghost covers Army Of Lovers most well known track “Crucified.” Sultry and inviting, the acoustic guitars draw the listener in only to be hypnotized by Papa’s soft demands, then the track gets darker with non-falsetto raspy vocals set over a lovely little rhythm. Beautiful piano also graces this cover, making for a gorgeous track. Along with the most excellent Depeche Mode cover I’ve ever heard from any band and a stellar live take of their single “Secular Haze,” you have an EP well worth your money. (Ridge Briel)

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