Until We Are Ghosts
Detach Me From You
(InVogue Records)

Thanks in large part to the influence of bands like Defeater and Counterparts (and, of course, their influences) melodic hardcore has become a big thing again, with a wave of new acts seemingly coming out of the tear-streaked diaries and mosh pits every few months. Thus, it’s becoming quite difficult for a new band to stand out because it’s not a genre known for innovation. Rochester, NY-based group Until We Are Ghosts are one of the many, and their sound definitely recalls the two bands above. They prefer a meditative-meets-furious style, and they generally do a solid job in terms of sheer performance. The problem? You’ve probably heard it all before.

To be fair, when the band go all out, in songs like “Spinning Into Nothing” and “Pilot Light”, they hit a great balance of catharsis and caustic. As a pure hardcore band, Until We Are Ghosts are generally successful. Their problem lies in their slower moments, where momentum and quality take a hit. Both of the aforementioned songs are melodic enough, but they are wonderfully heavy, too. When the band try to force the issue and get heavily emotive, the results suffer, unfortunately. No song on Detach Me From You is outright awful, but between the endemic issues of similarity and spot-the-influence, in addition to a lacking melodic sensibility, it’s a problem.

The album is still more a success than a failure, in large part because when they rip, they rip hard. The melodic part of the equation isn’t damnable; it’s just relatively weak, and it’s unfortunate that it gets in the way of an otherwise solid album. There is undoubtedly potential here, but they haven’t reached it yet. (Nicholas Senior)

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