Sometimes life is hard, and sometimes getting lit and taking a scathing hot shower in the dark is the only thing that can reset our emotional state. This particular method of “self-care” requires a particular soundtrack. Allow me to introduce you to Girlpool, the duo you’ll want to listen too as you marinate in the sadness.

Girlpool’s latest album, What Chaos Is Imaginary, released through Anti-Records, is their most profound release to date. The blatant and direct lyricism across the album points to the maturation of the duo, Cleo Tucker and Harmony Trividad.

The narrative throughout the album chronicles phases of personal growth and the struggles of navigating life while living with mental illness. What is left is a raw and powerful, the kind of album that is extremely personal, yet universal.

The album begins with the track “Lucy,” a dreamwalk where the harmonies seem to just melt into the atmosphere. The quiet power of the band shines through on this track and covers the listener like a  weighted blanket.

Fluid in its delivery, the album lingers in the air like an aphrodisiac, but retains edgy quality that can only be a product of the youth. A perfect balance between the blissful youth and the tremendous fear of the unknown shines through the album as it effortlessly progresses. Its transcendence beyond bedroom pop or lo-fi is extraordinary in its quiet power. Girlpool manage to peel the layers back and give us the most raw version of themselves.

Purchase the album here. 

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