Glass Houses
(InVogue Records)

North Dakota’s Glass Houses make a memorable debut with Wellspring, an album birthed from the recent revival of screamo, and strengthened by the outstretched hands of group harmony that poke up from time to time (primarily in its second half). Early touches of this are seen in “Heirlooms” (following the line, “You threw us all away”) and “Flatwoods” (“I’m right here WHERE YOU LEFT ME”), but it’s really with “From Roots to Thorns” that the album takes the leap in highlighting the emphasis of strained melody. “Fuck the roots, what matters is where your heart grew” becomes one of the most powerful lines of the album, though it comes practically head-to-head with the chorus of “Eyes & Heart” (“Please kill me, kill me slowly. WOULD I GIVE UP MY LIFE?”). Frankly, it’s in these moments that Glass Houses find their absolute calling. Wellspring is made by these passionate, yet gut-wrenching expressions of pained emotion, and it’s in learning these sections that the listener will find themselves deeply attached to the album. Glass Houses have a very promising future ahead of them if they continue in this direction; they could very well jump to the head of their scene’s revival, and it wouldn’t surprise this critic one bit.

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