The Shadow Realigned
(Warrior Records)

This long-running band, twenty years old and still going strong, decided to take an eight-year old album and give it to a group of remixers that they have come to know in their career and see what happens. Some good things happen over the course of the album, some not, but you also get two new cover versions on here, Depeche Mode’s “Never Let Me Down Again,” and KISS’ “God Of Thunder,” as well as a new song called “To Heal” to also entice the fans.

Starting off with “The Gift (Robotic Beehive Remix),” got me into a feeling that this was going to be a completely awful listening experience with the remix slicing up the vocals into a robotic mess of auto-tune and computerized effects that made me want to stop listening already. Finally at track five I got a song that was both interesting and one of the best on the album, “Trapped In Your Lies (Neon Genesis Remix),” which put Godhead in the rock Top 40 for the first time in their career back in 2006. The song has a great mix of electronic sounds that keep it modern, but also adding a hint of ‘80s New Wave that really worked together flawlessly. Next track “Inside Your World (Dark Moon Remix)” continues the bliss from the previous track, but then it’s back to mediocrity with “Goodbye (Khursor Remix),” a song that sounds like too many of the Nine Inch Nails influenced bands in the ‘90s. “Push (Creature Remix)” has a menacing feeling to it that really works and gets into your head and stays there with the great effects and guitar playing on the track. New song “To Heal” is a straightforward song that fans of the band will really enjoy and after the remixes of their songs, sounds refreshing, if not a bit out of place on this album. Ending the album with the two cover versions can be a good or bad thing depending how much you like the two bands they cover, the Kiss song is the winner here with the Depeche Mode being interesting musically, but disappointing vocally.

An interesting collection of remixes that work about half of the time and fail the other half, but at least they aren’t scared of trying something new and different. While not a complete success, this should please their fans and maybe even pull in some new ones once they hear the remixes blasting out from alternative clubs. (Rick Ecker)

Purchase The Shadow Realigned here: http://www.warriorrecords.com/godhead/


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