This is the first time I’ve ever listened to Godsmack. Not that I have anything against them, it’s just that when it comes to radio friendly metal/hard rock, I always figured Deftones trumped all the Smacks, Parks, and Downs out there, so why bother?

1000hp starts out with the self-titled track and sounds like what I expected- furious, riff charged and straight ahead hard rock with nearly yelped vocals. The song starts out with a motorcycle engine revving and when Sully Erna sings that it’s “Time to rewind back to 1995”, well, that sounds about right. While there’s little doubt that Godsmack know how to pen a groove filled rock tune for the headbangin’ crowd, the softer moments here impressed me more, where blues ideas and blue-collar rock are explored. They even bring in a cello solo on the appropriately titled “Something Different”, which I have to imagine is out of their usual range of sounds.

Ultimately, it’s still an aggressive and loud rock album. Had every song resembled the first one, I wouldn’t have made it through the entire album. Thankfully, there’s more to Godsmack than sounding like 1995. (Tom Haugen)

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