Graf Orlock
Crime Traveler
(Vitriol Records)

It’s been four years since Graf Orlock’s last EP Los Angeles, which featured songs based around the Michael Mann movie, Heat and featured the band’s creative packaging. Each 7″ featured various artwork on the front of the sleeve, based on the movie, while the back was a target, shot up with bullet holes. Each record was different in this regard.

Of course, when discussing this band you can’t get around talking about their concept and their packaging. They make records based around movies, and wrap them in some creative packaging like having a face-hugger alien on one and having another one fold out into a complete replication of a boombox, that housed the album you just bought.

For Crime Traveler, they continue this streak with a twist. The album is based on a film that the band shot and filmed with friends. It concerns a time traveling Canadian assassin who travels back in time to kill politicians in order to make Canada a superpower. The soundclips feature the main character interacting with John Hinkley and the Exxon Valdez. But there are also references to movies such as Total Recall, Lethal Weapon, The Terminator and Alien.

The album will be wrapped in a 12 page newspaper with articles pertaining to the story.

So, yes, they have gone above and beyond in this regard, as usual.

But after all is said and done, the music kicks mucho ass. In fact, these are some of the most angry, heavy and memorable songs the band has written. They all hit rather viciously, and take interesting twists and turns. It’s an exhilarating mixture of mathy hardcore, grind and thrash metal. Age hasn’t softened them, it’s made them more angry.

In fact, music this alive and vital, doesn’t need the fancy wrapping, to get its point across. But consider that just an extra bonus, that helps further the band’s creative vision. They definitely give you a lot in their releases.

It’s easily one of the best loud rock releases of the year. Don’t miss out. (Thomas Pizzola)

Purchase Crime Traveler here.


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