Through The Window Of The Night
(Seance Records)

Graveborne are a modern black metal band, much in the style of Dimmu Borgir, Death Tyrant, Negator and several others in that vein. Basically, you’ll get the idea from the very beginning – it’s full of tremolo picking, grim bass riffs and thrashy drumming. And yes, there are even those beloved blast beats that you all love so much. The frontman shrieks much in the same way that other frontmen in his stature do, to the same sets of riffs and melodies that other frontmen also do. I’ll also bet ten bucks that you’ve heard something much like this before and possibly more memorable. But even though they’ve got structure to these Satanic hymns, there’s not going to be a whole hell of a lot that separate Graveborne from their peers and that’s unfortunate. If a black metal “paint by numbers” had been released, then you can bet that these fellows got their grimy fingerprints all over it, dazzling it with lovely shades of brimstone and coal. Though some colorful melodies poke in to break up the monotony on “Misericordia” and atmosphere is tried on “Pyhaa Verta” as well as vocal chants on “Todkrieg,” I can’t help but wonder if these guys have heard the new Negator record. I seriously want to get ahold of them and say, “Here, this is what you’re going for,” because all I’m getting is roundabout the same old thing which will only appeal to someone who’s really never heard black metal before.

Sure, I’d hand it to a kid that thought Slipknot was the heaviest thing they had ever heard, or someone who considers bands like Asking Alexandria to be metal, but that literally seems to be the only group of people that I’d recommend it to – the sprouts. I’d much rather prefer an offspring of mine to listen to this kind of music rather than Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber or whatever popular rapper there is these days, but there’s no way I could recommend it to the black metal veteran; especially when the new Inquisition has already been released. Immortal and Belphegor are also due for releases this year, so I’m quite sure that whoever is sitting and waiting for those albums wouldn’t want to be bothered with something incredibly mediocre like this. For all that Graveborne does with this album, it’s just not enough. Send them back to the grave as there’s far better stuff coming out this year. It’s Through The Window alright, because it’s going right through the window of my house. Next! (Eric May)

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