An outfit with some pretty impressive credentials, Manic Hispanic, Busstop Hurricanes, Joyride and Mink Daggers members come together here for a highly melodic affair that tips it hat to the Southern California punk scene of past and present, where Anista, who has a long history with members of Social Distortion, Agent Orange and Adolescents, steers the ship into thoughtful punk and rock territory.

The album starts strong with the charged guitar work and driving pace of “Shiver”, and “Goodnight Ramona” is an expertly crafted pop tune with pop-punk tendencies and rockabilly nods amid Antista’s smooth yet gritty vocals. Elsewhere, the outfit get twangy on the infectious “They Killed Lily Bell”, while “Carmelita” flirts with salsa ideas with great results. The best moment, of course, is “Forever”, a tune originally penned by Antista’s longtime friend, the late great Steve Soto, and the band do Soto’s spirit right with this touching, albeit pensive tribute.

One not need to just flock to punk rock to enjoy this really well done album, as power-pop and Americana sounds are also on board across these blue collar anthems that are as powerful as they are tuneful and unfold so impressively on this debut record.

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