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The last few years has seen resurgence in noisy punk in the underground. Call it “Neo-noise rock” if you like, but many bands are rediscovering the joys of getting loud, noisy and weird. This is a national and international phenomenon, as bands like Pissed Jeans, Whores., and Fight Amp among others, represent the North American contingent, while you have bands like Arabrot, MOE and Sofy Major keeping it real on the international scene.

Connecticut power-trio Grizzlor definitely deserve to be mentioned in any conversation of killer noise rock bands. They are one of the better loud rock bands in their home state and definitely deserve some love outside of it. Though, they have only been together a few years, they have a bunch of quality releases under their belts and this streak continues on their newest seven song, 7″.

On this new release they boil down each song to its essence of fuzzed out angular riffs, pummeling bass and pounding drums. No song goes over the two minute mark. Grizzlor uses this brevity to their advantage.

Opener “Sundays Are Stupid” features a nasty, fuzzy riff along with a lurching, menacing gait, to set the tone for what it is to come. “I’m That Asshole” is a 39 second blast of noisy punk. “Life’s A Joke” and “Winter Blows” are mid-paced stompers, while “Tommy” features some acerbic spoken word from guitarist/vocalist Victor before ending in a killer riff jam. “War Machine” adds some evil sounding surf guitar to the mix, while closer “Starship Mother Shit” ends it all on one loud, bellicose note.

Grizzlor has stepped up to the plate and delivered one killer slab of noise rock on this release. Here’s hoping it raises their profile significantly, not only in the noise rock community, but also in the larger, national, loud rock scene. It deserves your attention. (Thomas Pizzola)

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