Hamell On Trial
The Happiest Man In The World
(New West)

Punk poet Ed Hamell is not your average guy with an acoustic guitar. Armed with an arsenal of wit and enough character for two people, he rattles off lyrics like a linguistic genius, altering between spoken word and singing while barely taking a breath. A self-described rock’n’roll lover, Hamell’s first album in 6 years mixes social issues with comedy, and the music goes from calm strumming to fuller melodic folk-rock, blues and funk and Ani DiFranco and Kimya Dawson even make appearances. Definitely an unusual yet instantly lovable album, this reminded me of Arlo Guthrie reinvented as Chuck Ragan. Odd yet incredible. (Tom Haugen)

Purchase The Happiest Man In The World here: http://www.newwestrecords.com/releases/the-happiest-man-in-the-world


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