In the name of thy hammer, and thy king, arise! German power metallers, Hammer King, will drop their brand new self-titled record June 11 via Napalm Records. In case you’re not familiar with Hammer King, the band consists of former Ross The Boss vocalist Titan Fox V, former Saltatio Mortis drummer Dolph A. Macallan, with Gladius Thundersword on bass and Kleveland’s most timeless lead guitarist, the one, the only Gino Wilde shredding riffs.

Hammer King is the fourth record from this band, and what a rager it is, explaining the myth and story behind the mighty Hammer King, a wrathful and mighty war god the band is named after.

Hammer King is 11 tracks of raging power metal with a fantasy edge to it, and anyone who is familiar with this genre surely knows that power metal of this type is a tough one to pull off. If the fantasy element does not work, or you tread too far in that direction, you run the risk of appearing cartoonish. If treading that fine line is not tricky enough, the music must be spot on.  Fear not, Hammer king rocks!

One of the harder hitting tunes on Hammer King is, “Hammerschlag,” which features the legendary Andreas “Gerre” Geremia from Tankard, Isaac Delahaye from Epica, and The Crusader from The Warkings. Other notable tracks include the anthemic “Baptized by the Hammer,” “We Are the Kingdom,” and the fiery “Ashes To Ashes.”

If one criticism can be issued, it is overuse of the word and image of “the hammer.” True, the record digs into the backstory of The Hammer King, which is fair, but with three songs out of 11 named after or including “the hammer” in the title might be a bit much.

From a lyrical perspective the stories about this mythical god are fantastic, each song is not only fun to listen to, but fun to get lost in as well, especially if you’re a fan of fantasy and mythology. Overall, the music on Hammer King is top notch metal, outstanding.  Hammer King is a headbanger’s delight, whether you’re new to power metal or a longtime fan. I highly recommend this record and look forward to seeing this band perform live in 2021 or 2022.


Theron Moore has been freelance writing since 1989 as a staff writer for SLAM Magazine (Stateline Area Magazine, Northern IL / Southern WI), and contributor to Jake Wiseley’s (Red Decibel Records) Sheet Metal Magazine. He’s also published zines Louder Than God, The Saint Vitus Press & Poetry Review, For Those About to Rock, and blogs Church of the Necronomicon and All My Friends Are Rock Stars (AMFARS). Moore has contributed music, & movie reviews, and artist interviews to websites, Wormwood Chronicles, The Sludgelord, New Noise Magazine and Metal Forces Magazine. He is the author of All My Friends Are Rock Stars, Volumes I-III; Gangsters, Harlots and Thieves; Belvidere, Books & Guns; Blood on the Screen, Blood on the Page; all titles available on Amazon.

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