Hands Like Houses
(Rise Records)

For their third release, Hands Like Houses have managed to top their amazing sophomore record with the ambitious and grandeur Dissonants. Frequently explosive and noticeably heavier, the album has an even deeper atmospheric grounding than Unimagine. The melodic melancholy has been taken another step up, and the progressive writing has also been sharpened and hardened. The occasional screams are new and very welcomed, adding to the edge this record demonstrates right from the start with “I Am”. Though that track as a whole is an amazing introduction for the album, it’s the bridge that really steals the show.

“Perspectives” follows, and it’s probably one of the top tracks of the record. The balance is on point, and everything – from the instrumentals, the lyrics, to the pulsing energy – echoes long after the song has come to an end. It could easily be pegged the definitive HLH track, not only for this record, but of their discography. You also have “Colourblind”, “New Romantics”, “Division Symbols”, and “Motion Sickness” that are real show stoppers of the collection. But the thing is, the album ties itself together very well and flows with ease. Every song has something memorable to offer, making for an excellent experience.

Hands Like Houses have made their most expansive and intriguing record yet with Dissonants. If they continue this pattern – always upping themselves – then they will surely take the world over in the coming years. (Nathaniel Lay)

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