Hank 3
A Fiendish Threat
(Hank 3 Records)

While not entirely my cup of tea as far as punk music goes, I’ll definitely admit that A Fiendish Threat is far from the kind of punk music that I remember. Instead of using classic punk rock instruments, Hank decided to use instruments that are quite bit more classic in the tone of a stand-up bass, banjo and a fiddle. You could go on and call it “country punk” and it’s definitely something that I don’t think the world has ever heard before. That’s why I’m glad to have been able to review it, because I believe that life is all about new experiences. To put it to you simply, Hank 3 sounds like what would happen if the Ramones and Misfits decided to pull the plugs on their instruments and go all out acoustic. Punk riffs are still definitely apparent on the album, culminating in standout tracks like “There’s Another Road”, “Watchin U Suffer”, Face Down” and others. Hank also utilizes Hawaiian guitar on the tracks like “Broke Jaw” bringing off an odd sort of feeling for the whole package. The album is very much an experimental piece and I definitely urge fans of both punk and rebel country to check it out, as it’s something that you just haven’t heard before and that’s what I look for as a reviewer. But whether you love it or hate it, A Fiendish Threat is definitely an interesting barroom brawl nonetheless. (Eric May)

Purchase A Fiendish Threat here: http://www.hank3.com/3bay/catalog.html?Vl=5&Tp=2


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