Dawn Of The New Centurion
(Massacre Records)

As much as I like Rob Dukes, I always wondered what the hell happened to Steve Souza after Exodus’ Tempo Of The Damned record in 2004. Truth be told, I’d heard that he died in a Tsunami and I mourned his death for a few years while still listening to Tempo Of The Damned and especially the most anti-Christian anthem I’ve ever heard in my life, “Shroud Of Urine.” But that was an interesting time in my life. Yet Steve Souza is back with Hatriot, who apparently made a couple of records long after I had thought the man was gone from this world. So I’ve got a bit of catching up to do.

But now onto to the album, which comes off as just as much of dynamite explosion as you would expect. Hatriot sounds just like Exodus in some ways and to tell you the truth; I don’t really care. I’ve been waiting to hear this kind of stuff from the man who brought us “Toxic Waltz” (and yes, I still enjoy that one) for a long time now and songs like opener “My Cold Dead Hands” and it’s ode to gun totin’ America is just what the doctor ordered as far as I’m concerned. There’s a bit of an oddity on “The Fear Within” however, as light melodic riffs and clean vocals aren’t something I would have expected on an album of this nature. But I guess I have to give them points for trying something new. Still, it won’t be everyone’s bag, regardless of the larger than life solo effort featured on the nearly eight-minute piece.

But don’t think that just because there’s a little bit of experimenting on this disc, that it’s not still thrash. Because it’s definitely a fucking thrash album, of that there’s no question. Are you really going to tell me that “Superkillafragsadisticactsaresoatrocious” doesn’t work for you? It sounds just like what Marry Poppins would have sounded like if she had gotten her head removed by the quick blast of a shotgun. But even if it doesn’t, “Silence In The House Of The Lord” proves that Souza is not yet done smearing the Christian religion with another dastardly anti-hymn. And this one’s nearly eight minutes long also, so they really mean business. It’s about pedophile priests now, which means that a song about Westboro Baptist is on the way; unless it was already covered on the last album. “World Funeral” features a tremendous kit pummeling through its rather short playing time, leaving the listener breathless as they feel like a train sped its way right through them. Of course the title track itself is going to memorable, and it certainly flexes its structural muscles as it delivers a well-calculated, yet familiar beating.

Without going any further, you can already tell that this is going to be a slobber-knocker of a record. It definitely reminds me of Exodus in its brashness, carnage and overall brutality; yet still contains some new and unexpected elements, with a much stronger structural integrity than Souza era-Exodus displayed. I’m glad to see that the man’s not only alive; but still full of spite and venom with a new project in Hatriot. It seems that not even tremendously powerful torrents of wind and rain can kill this beast. (Eric May)

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