Sleepy Kids
(Tiny Engines)

From the noise corners of Brooklyn, Haybaby have recorded their first album with lovable indie label, Tiny Engines. There’s plenty to say here – let’s start with blunt honesty… this is a really good album. So stop reading this now, and go get yourself a copy. Need more convincing?

Sleepy Kids is a sludge-grunge see saw, full of dynamic soft and loud battles, a hazy puff of ‘90s art-punk. Fuzzy pedal effects shuffle through the songs at their own pace, enjoying the ride. They fit right into a sweet spot between goofy, shy lyrics and smooth bass lines. Seemingly random strings twang from guitarist/ lead singer Leslie Hong like she’s experimenting as the recording tape rolls. Overall, it creates a warm inviting mood. It’s like watching a friend play music in the basement and realizing their creative chops. The shoe-gazey showcase is at its strongest during “Edelweiss.” True to Sonic Youth form, you’re slapped mid-chill by muscular, buzzy power chords.

Haybaby have also had their share of comparison to the Breeders. Hong’s lyrics on “Pizza Party” are girl-meets-boy personal prose, but always with quirky humor. The song begins with meeting over slices of pizza, but becomes a dissection of everything rapidly going weird, “I’m uncomfortable with the length of your hair … down there. I’m disappointed with the cut of your underwear.” It sounds like a romantic comedy in which the smallest of details are put under a microscope, never allowing true love to get by. I bet Matthew Mcconaughey would have been all over this if it were a film script ten years ago.

Sleepy Kids is chock full of tongue in cheeky humor. Even the way the album track listing begins is amiable—Track 1: “Old Friends,” a narrative on breakups. Track 2: “New Friends,” a sign of new hopes. Don’t be fooled, this isn’t summery Taylor Swift shit, it’s chunky, fluid riffage to get lost in. Again, really good. (Scott Murry)

Purchase Sleepy Kids here.


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