Head Apart’s new Heaven On My Mind Hell In the Heart, out today via Wood & Nail Records, is at times both moody and intense, with plenty of melody to keep you in your feels.

Co-Produced by Nic Capelle (The Florida Mistakes, Bad Man Dance), Head Apart’s debut album Heaven On My Mind Hell In The Heart focuses on a lyrical duality touching on subjects such as mental health and substance abuse, all done with haunting, melodic vocal lines weaving in with dreamy, dark melodies. 

“Where there is judgment and condemnation [lyrically] on this record,” says Albert Martinez. “There’s also confession and pleas for forgiveness.” As the album title suggests, Heaven On My Mind Hell In The Heart is simultaneously oppressive and soothing; it both whispers and shouts.

“Some days were harder than others. Some [days] I couldn’t even pick up the guitar. Other days, finishing a verse, a chorus, those were the victories.”

Martinez infuses his own battles with depression and anxiety into Head Apart’s music (hence the band’s name). He recalls often having panic attacks before recording and experienced bouts of insomnia and depression in between the writing and recording process.

Get the record here. 


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