Oklahoma’s Helen Kelter Skelter (who said there were no good band names left?) are quite possibly the only shoegaze band out there that can boast about having an organ weaved throughout their sound. To be fair, they are much more than just another in the seemingly endless list of bands to finally rediscover this genre.

On Melter, their sophomore effort, H/K/S play a moody, solid mix of rock that also manages to include psychedelia, swamp and even hints of glam here and there (especially on a song like “Fly Thru Clouds”). The result is, more often than not, impressive. Songs like “Time Bomb” with its jerky guitars and synth lines sits perfectly next to a track like “Tracers,” with its Sabbath-like rhythm section, sounding like a completely different, but just as laudable band.

There are a couple of down moments on the record where it sounds like they had a song that wasn’t quite there yet, but overall, a pretty ambitious album that pays off for the most part. H/K/S are easily the most intriguing rock band to come out of Oklahoma since the Flaming Lips.

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