Storming onto the scene good and proper, Hey Jester released their debut, self-titled album November 22. Fragranced with surrealist sounds, a sharp take on jazz and furious fuzz-rock, there’s something for everyone in this album. Consisting as a trio, Hey Jester have been known up until now as a powerhouse three-piece in their live shows.

Portraying their iconic sound into their studio work seemed to be of great ease for the guys of Hey Jester, and they have already gained supported from media outlets across the web. Excelling into the progressive/alternative rock world, the world is simply in their palm.

Kicking off the album, “Cleanse” grooves into tomorrow with its power to burst onto the scene. As a track about cold callers knocking at your door, this track isn’t as annoying as unwanted visitors. It’s an invincible number that you will want to keep letting into your home. The track is iconic, and fusing so many styles into one makes it perfect to be the first track into the world of Hey Jester.

Recently released single “Hey Jester” features a softer, jazz approach to the album. With elements of unpredictability, it still sits at the front of Hey Jester’s discography with a firm head on its shoulders. Highly energetic and slightly sinister, “Pepper Spray” has so much going on that you have to be observant all the way through.

Needing your attention, the track guides you through a rollercoaster of fuzz-rock that feels slightly surreal. On the track, Mirron Webb (vocalist and guitarist) stated: “In a world of political correctness, increasing silencing, and censorship, this song is a disco apocalypse about running away from an Orwellian nightmare where riots, violence, and “Pepper Spray” have replaced words and freedom of speech.”

Completely taking the album into a different direction, we’re fronted with a Thundercat-meets-2-bit-game-music style in “No Clover.” With main lyric “Oh well, game over, out of luck, no clover” sung in a unique light, it feels like you’re at the end of your life; now what do you do? Hauntingly wonderful, the funk-inspired number screams with originality and will single-handedly knock your socks off with awe.

Known as one of their best songs live, the fast-paced rhythm section soars through “Extraterrestrial Love” like a rocket heading straight for the stars. As the longest track on the album, it still locks into your head with its astonishing melody. Speaking entirely for itself, the Martian-like sound is accompanied with a progressive outlook into another dimension that feels volatile. A killer production that sounds somewhat menacing.

Beginning with a Jeff Buckley-esque vocal and guitar arrangement, as soon as the full instrumentation embarks, we know “Serve You True is going to be historic. Lyrically, it tries to be a musical homage to idols and ancestors as such, but as the track progresses, we realize that many role models aren’t as principled as one thought.

As the best-produced track on the album, “Wales” moves confidently with an enchanting structure. Embodying a surreal feeling with a dream-esque glow, the contentment is pure. Honest and finding its head in the ‘honeymoon period’ time frame, Wales is a relatable moment to cherish with your loved ones on this album.

Written as a big middle finger up to manipulative cheats, “All This Time” is the stoner-rock track the album needed. As a comparison to vampires sucking the life out of someone, the darkness reflects the ‘loyalty’ of the cheat. Aggressive and very Nirvana-like, it sits perfectly towards the end of the album. “Hey!” is a stepping-stone into the final track in true psychedelic, Hey Jester fashion.

Closing the album is the band’s first single release “Sickly Sweet.” Telling the story about falling in love with an imaginary person or robot, the dystopian setting that the track illuminates is comforted with fuzz-rock to set the ‘not-so-romantic scene.’ It’s a sensational close to an album that everyone needs in their collection. 

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