Denver, Colorado-based outfit Hunter James and The Titanic return with spine-tingling cross-genre album ‘La Liberte‘. Composed of twelve tracks weaving through different soundscapes, the album radiates love and redemption. Summarising the album;, Hunter James shares, “La Liberte is about finding joy and meaning amongst the trudge of everyday existence”.

Entering with gentle opener ‘The Way That I Remember You‘, this delicate number feels like an instant classic that could go down in history as the track that brought fame to Hunter James. The second track ‘Over the Line’ has to be up there with the strongest releases of July. A quintessential Americana meets rock n roll anthem, the pulsating beat throughout this number will instantly get your feet stomping. Sounding like the lovechild of Rival Sons and Led Zeppelin, ‘Over the Line’ captures the free-spirited nature of Hunter James.

Other stand out moments come in the form of ‘Head On’s harmony wall, the lo-fi atmosphere on ‘Roxanna and jiving country feel of ‘Side of the Sidewalk‘. In conclusion, ‘La Liberte’ has something for everyone buried within its core. A real contender in the world of Rock, Americana and Folk – there’s elements of Southern Rock throughout the LP.


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