(Napalm Records)

Huntress is the perhaps one of the most developed and diverse bands to hit the metal scene today. Their theory of mixing different genres on Static, pulling certain aspects of both 80s metal and modern melodic metal styles and fusing them better than most bands today, is what sets them apart.

But their most prominent asset is vocalist Jill Janus. Her raspy vocal texture supported by powerful projection while sung in a melodic style makes her an authentic, dynamic and captivating musician.

The opening track “Sorrow” really displays their proficient ability to exhibit tight transitions together in numerous tempos. “Flesh” is a more technical track with more elaborate guitar riffs, but not quite intricate. The more elaborate riffs and fluid 80s style guitar soloing adeptly accompanies the vocal melody. Huntress ends the album with “ Fire in My Heart,” a song with darker tones and sporadic changes in tempo throughout which guides you through the song with faster, chunkier guitar rhythms throughout the verses, then pulls you through to a slower, driving chorus with catchy lyrics, “I’ve got the fire in my heart.” (Macie Bennett)

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