Sweden’s top exports must be cars, medication, and death metal. Numerous bands have come from Sweden to melt our faces off, and Hypocrisy is no different. They’re back, and bringing along their newest album Worship.

Having formed in 1991, Hypocrisy have veered away from the norm of traditional death metal themes, and opted to write about the paranormal, conspiracies, and extraterrestrials. Although that may have worked previously, some of the lyrics on this album come off as the ramblings of that one friend from high school who just posts crazy things on their Facebook. The only difference is, Hypocrisy has solid music to include. Your crazy friend doesn’t.

Opening on “Worship,” this song starts on an acoustic guitar, reminiscent of metal ballads, that quickly evolves into a brutal song featuring low growls, high screeches, and backing instruments that are just as brutal, really harnessing a style that is played fast and hard.

Lead by singles “Chemical Whore,” “Dead World,” and “Children Of The Gray,” each song lays down a brutal display of death metal. They each perfectly show off what to expect on Worship: songs that are gunning for your eardrums. The singles are really good, and are actually some of the best songs on the album.

Worship plays between songs that are slow and chuggy, to songs that are fast and will have you wanting to participate in a wall of death. The dynamic works really well, and the pacing of the album is fantastic. On top of that, the production quality on this album is great. They really wanted you to hear every note that was played.

Despite the lyrical dissonance, the actual music and production is great. The vocals are some of the best in the genre. This album is definitely worth checking out. Be sure to check out Worship November 26 via Nuclear Blast Records.

You can check it here.


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