Forest Poetry (Reissue)
(Season Of Mist)

The final Ildjarn reissue is 1996’s Forest Poetry, which more or less is a hearken back to the debut. Punk riffs with dark edges still remain, creating what is still a proto-black sound long after it had already been firmly established by other acts at this point (remember that 1996 is what some consider to be the golden age of the genre) so I’m not sure how it originally went over with people who already had access to higher quality material at the time. We still see some fierceness in “Clashing Of Swords” but the next six tracks that come after it are short and forgettable. “Midnight Interval” manages to come in with a little bit of riff variation, and “Descending” marks the foundation that acts like Krallice would later pilfer and perfect; but it’s not until “Visions Of The Earth 2nd Returning” that I’m hearing something a little more interesting.

For the most part, Forest Poetry appears to be composed of the same riffs, the same monotonous drumbeats and the same amount of fuzz and static that you expected from the last two records. While the drums actually sound much better here than on the debut album, only the fact that Ildjarn started to compose traditional song structures makes it a little better than the debut. There are no electronics or experimentation on the record either, as it sounds very basic and that might be its greatest downfall. Perhaps I don’t quite understand the notion of kvlt, but the same song with a slight variation for an hour’s length isn’t in any way noteworthy; and comes off as pretentious and lethargic to say the very least. When listening to an album becomes a test of patience, you start to wonder what odd textures roil about in the minds of those who consider this work to be genius. (Eric May)

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  1. It isn’t about “being kvlt”.

    This music is not pretending or trying to be anything (like the legions of copy cats and superficial posers who WANT to be kvlt).
    The best Black Metal artists (be it minimalists such as Ildjarn or pompous and lush as Emperor) never considered themselves “kvlt”.
    Music such as Ildjarn is more about the experience than about dissecting what chords he is using. This is minimalist as music can get while expressing impressions of nature through feral instinct, a primal rage.
    Read his interviews, know what little can be known about him and you will realize that there is actually a connection between Forest Poetry and Landscapes. It is all rejection of humankind and embracing of nature.
    Read the titles, go out into nature, use your imagination, dive into the feeling.

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