The California, hard rock band In This Moment sound markedly triumphant on their bewitching new album Mother, which is available now via Atlantic/ Roadrunner Records.

The music feels ready-made for both an exhilarating concert experience and personal moments of elevating self-reflection as if listeners have been propelled into accomplishing some grand personal journey via hitting play. The emotionally poignant core that In This Moment have captured amidst their big, booming rock feels like no small feat, and Mother lands with some real inescapable power.

As elsewhere in the band’s discography, singer Maria Brink’s hearty, powerful performances figure prominently in the mix and help drive listeners towards the emotional crescendos encapsulated in the music.

On the first full-length track, which is called “Fly Like An Eagle,” the band’s music (appropriately enough) soars, while their heaviness simultaneously remains strongly intact throughout the whole sonic journey. The band utilize carefully orchestrated, thick-toned electric guitar riffing that gradually builds across the song into compelling percussive crescendos. 

These crescendos get pummeling on “The In-Between,” when Brink roars: “I’m gonna bring a little hell! I’m gonna bring a little heaven!” Alongside these propulsive lyrics, the guitars and drums land with even more weight, which leads off into a slew of more high points across the album, which even includes an absolutely roaring cover of the classic jam “We Will Rock You.” That track features fellow rock singers Lzzy Hale (of Halestorm) and Taylor Momsen (of The Pretty Reckless) alongside Brink.

The track honestly seems to encapsulate In This Moment’s overall latest approach quite effectively. The energy feels huge to the point where it’s difficult to imagine that the rock could land with any more resounding force. The guitars sound big and booming, and the ensnaring melodies are front-and-center. The energy feels excitingly rich.

Although the emotional tone keeps up, the very melody-forward music dials down in intensity a bit at points like the passionate, anthemic track “Born In Flames,” while the band swing back up in intensity at the memorable conclusion of “God Is She.”

Throughout the whole mix, there’s never really any chaos. Instead, In This Moment dial into transforming their billowing clouds of raw energy into a grimly precise attack. As exemplified by the anthemic title track, on which Brink sings of her devotion to protecting a figure identified only as “Mother,” In This Moment seem to hinge their latest album’s energy on a kind of community-building energy.

Mother feels like a poignant testament to the energy that brings people together. Throughout 2020, as live music experiences on all scales remain in jeopardy, the album’s feel takes on an even more special significance.

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