Indonesian Junk
Indonesian Junk
(Rum Bar Records)

It feels like I’ve been transported back to 1977. It’s equally cool as it is frightening. That’s the only way I can best sum up my feelings about this self-titled release from Indonesian Junk, a punk rock band from Milwaukee. They encapsulate the spirit and sound of The Dead Boys, but they’ve managed to keep it just as dirty and a little more mature.

I had a lot of fun listening to this release – it was similar to finding a treasure trove of lost tapes from the 1970’s New York scene. No one else has heard this yet, but I feel like everyone needs to. It feels important. Indonesian Junk is a little all over the place, shambolic yet solid. It’s a release that is just barely tipping over the edge into chaos and confusion while remaining truly lovable.

My only criticism of this record lies in the track “So Alone.” It feels out of place, and I think it would’ve been better suited as a b-side or something meant for jamming in a live setting. Despite this, every other track on this album is incredibly well tailored. Each one fits the vibe, the message, and the overall sound that I think this band is trying to achieve.

Purchase the self-titled album here.


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