Infected Rain will be releasing their new album “Ecdysis” tomorrow (January 7) and it offers the perfect dose of modern progressive metal to start your New Year off right!

The record kicks off with “Postmortem Pt. 1,” a thunderous track full of the kind of killer vocals and pummeling instrumentation one would expect from the band. It hypes the listener up, before the aggressive and melodic “Fighter” knocks them for a loop. The music is absolutely infectious right from the get-go and that vibe only continues to ratchet up as the album highlight “Longing” breaks in.

After “Longing,” the cathartic “Goodbye” takes fans for spin, before the belligerent “The Realm Of Chaos” blasts though. That earth-shattering track is bolstered by additional vocals from Butcher Babies’ Heidi Shepherd, and it definitely serves as a standout on the record.

From there, things take a surprising turn with “Everlasting Lethargy.” The spazzy song walks a line between brutality and trance-like pop to add more diversity to the record. This multifariousness musical direction fades away as the catchy “These Walls” crashes down on the listener, but it quickly returns on “Showers” and “November.”

As one moves closer to the end of the album, the band return to form with the hooky “Never The Same” before taking things down on the incomparable “Nine, Ten.” The latter is another standout track that takes fans on a synth-laden journey before giving way to “Postmortem Pt. 2,” which wraps up the effort by bringing everything full circle.

All in all, “Ecdysis” is a progressive masterpiece for the modern era that is sure to take the Moldavan act to new heights.

Preorders are available here.


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