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There comes a time in every band’s life, where they would seem to have reached a brick wall in terms of creativity. And for Insomnium, it would appear that that time is now. I guess the band realized that there was just no way in a thousand hells that they were ever going to top their last highly acclaimed release in 2010’s One For Sorrow and decided to completely switch gears on the music entirely. If I told you that this EP contained three beautiful acoustic pieces with scant an electric in sight, would you think me in jest? But it’s true. While the opener “Ephemeral” is a great hearken back to the Dark Tranquillity style of melodic death metal and a good change of direction from the band’s slower paced material of the past record; I am also confronted with “The Emergence”, “The Swarm” and “The Descent” which all frankly sound like they should have been performed in another band. Melodic death metal fans will probably be pissed if these make the official album cut and I’m quite sure that these tracks will leave an especially sour taste in the mouths of people who wanted to hear another metal album from a respected melodic death metal act such as this one. But we do seem to be in the age of experimentation as with Watain and Satyricon as of late; so it doesn’t really seem out of character for a change as bold as this. But it wasn’t one that I was expecting, even if “The Descent” was quite a heartwarming acoustic piece that sounds like it belongs in a film. And that’s just what I mean – You see; there are a lot of songs on this EP that sound like they belong in a fantasy film, perhaps even a historical picture relating to Nordic history, but definitely not on a melodic death metal album. After hearing this one, I’m not so sure what to think about the band’s forthcoming new release; but I’m certain that it’s going to be much different than any of us would’ve ever expected. (Eric May)

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